About Mitsy Scott-Hamilton

Mitsy Scott-Hamilton, your financial advisor at Carte Financial Services Inc. has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. When meeting her clients, Mitsy mentions the statement, “We will always find a way,” emphasizing her ability to always provide financial solutions to her clients, regardless of their situation. She enjoys helping and serving her clients to reach their financial goals, as well as, to become financially independent. Mitsy provides her clients with life, health, and wealth solutions.

Mitsy’s entry in the world of Insurance and Investments started with Combined Insurance of America as a Insurance Agent, followed by Sun Life Financial as a Financial Advisor. She firmly believes that as an advisor you must be honest and transparent with your clients. She is able to achieve this through her exceptional communication skills, integrity, and ethical practices. Over the course of her career in Finance, she’s learnt that her interpersonal skills, communication skills, and her ability to pay attention to details have helped to add value to her service.

As a high achiever, Mitsy has completed her Masters in Business Administration (Finance) from Walden University in the United States and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica. She also achieved the life insurance and mortgage licenses. Her tireless desire for education inspires Mitsy with plans to work towards her CFP and CLU designations in the near future.

Over the years Mitsy has transitioned from an accountant, to an auditor and finally a financial advisor emphasizing her ability to excel. Looking at everything as an opportunity for growth and development, Mitsy’s experiences throughout her financial career has helped her to grow and be successful in this field of work.

Be aware however, that despite her hardworking nature and serious countenance you have a very sensitive individual who is connected emotionally with her clients. She has a very healthy sense humor, highlighting her strong interpersonal skills and her ability to maintain healthy relationships. Mitsy started this career in finance for one main reason; to help people become more financially independent.

As a mother of two children, Mitsy is kept really busy outside of work. She is married and lives in Brampton, Ontario. She is a practicing Christian and loves to go to Church. She is inspired by God and is very faithful to him and her fellowmen. She also loves to spend time with her family, friends, read, travel, watch T.V., etc. Finally, Mitsy is an excellent cook and makes delicious food for everyone.